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Primary Sporting Fixtures and Teams

Saturday sport is compulsory for all boys in Years Three - Six.  Sporting teams are chosen according to the boy's age as at 1st January.  The boys have the choice of playing Cricket or Basketball in summer and Rugby or Football (Soccer) in winter.  

Training takes place on Wednesday afternoons in Summer from 2.00 - 3.00pm. off site at All Sorts Alexandria. The boys are bussed there and back and are ready for collection in car line between 3.30 and 3.45pm from carline. If the bus is running late an Ap alert will be sent out.

In Winter training takes place on Wednesday (Rugby) and Thursday (Soccer) afternoons from 3-4 in Alison Park and are ready for collection in car line at 4.00pm

Team sheets are sent out each Thursday or Friday  that confirm the team, location with map and time of play. Team sheets override the fixtures list. Sports result are published in the Chronicle each week.

Download the Captains Report Template here


Term 3, Round 8 Saturday July 22, 2017

U9 U10 U11 U12  Rugby  - all at Koola

Senior A & B  Soccer

U10 Soccer 

U9 Soccer  


Mr Andrew Travers
Year 6 Rugby

Mr Mattew O'Connor Year 5 Rugby

Mr Jason Wren-Pattison Year 4 Rugby

Mr Ryan Gowland Year 3 Rugby

Mr Carlos Bartelme Year 6 Soccer

Mrs Rachel Mitchell   Year 5 Soccer

Mrs Rebecca Sevier  Year 4 Soccer

Mrs Yvette Beatty  Year 3 Soccer

Wet Weather AP instructions - click here. Make sure you turn on notifications in your phone to receive the alerts

Please read the 'Codes of Conduct'  for players and spectators here.


Basketball rules
Cricket Rules
IPSHA Mercy Rugby Guidelines
Rugby 7's  Cross Field Tackle U8 & U9
Rugby 7's  Cross Field Tackle  U10 +
IPSHA Football Mercy Strategies