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Each year four internal scholarships are offered at Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School (Coogee Prep):

  • The William Nimmo Scholarship for the best 'All-Rounder' in Year Five (Full Scholarship for Year Six)
  • The Lady Storey Scholarship for the best 'All-Rounder' in Year Four (Full Scholarship for Year Five)
  • The Walter Scott South Memorial Part Scholarship for the student in Year Five who gains the highest percentile improvement in exams and assessment from Semester One to Semester Two (Part Scholarship for Year Six)
  • The Walter Scott South Memorial Part Scholarship for the student in Year Four who gains the highest percentile improvement in exams and assessment from Semester One to Semester Two (Part Scholarship for Year Five)

Relationship with The Scots College

The Scots College has maintained a special relationship with Coogee Boys' Prep over many years and we have wel comed a significant number of Coogee Prep boys to our Year 7 group in past years. Through this relationship, boys commencing in Year 4 and exiting Year 6 at Coogee Boys' Prep and who have made Application to Scots are given a priority listing on our Year 7 Enrolment Registers.

It is important to note that entry is not automatic or guaranteed and whilst the College will do all it can to accommodate enrolment requests, it is unable to guarantee the avail ability of a place to any student.

The College Council requires parents, including those from Coogee Boys' Prep, to pay a non-refundable Entran ce Fee, currently $5,000, to secure a Year 7 position. Should your son be successful in gaining a position in Year 7, the request for payment is made at the time of offer. Places cannot be held without payment of the non-refundable Entrance Fee by the nominated date. Please see the Scots website www.ts for The Scots College Deferral and Withdrawal Policy in the event an offered position is declined.

In addition to the above arrangement, the best performed Coogee Boys' Prep student in The Scots College scholarsh ip examination, may be considered for a scholarship, provided his results fall within the top 2% of an age equivalent standard. All scholarship offers are subject to the result s of an interview process. Should no Coogee Boys' Prep student attain results within the cut off range, a scholarsh ip may not be awar ded.

Should you wish your son to be considered for entry to The Scots College, please ensure an Application for Enrolment form is submitted as soon as possible before the end of Year 4. The form may be downloaded from the College website or you are welcome to contact the Admissions Office at Scots on (02) 9391 7668 if you would like to discuss any aspect of your son's enrolment.

In conclusion, I should add that the current procedures in respect to the special relationship between the two schools has been discussed with the Headmaster of Coogee Boys' Prep, Mr Dicks and has his agreement.