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The Coogee Prep Philosophy

Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School (Coogee Prep) is a boys-only, primary day school. The School is based on Christian principles and is open to all boys, irrespective of denomination or social background. The School has a non-selective admissions policy, which allows for boys with a wide range of abilities and talents to enter the school at any grade, subject to vacancies. Preference is given to siblings and the sons of Old Boys.

The basic philosophy underpinning Coogee Prep is that all students are encouraged to adopt the traditional values of hard work, self-discipline and respect for others.  The school motto, ‘Gentleman, Scholar, Sportsman’ captures the essence of the all-round education Coogee Prep boys receive.


The school’s heritage and traditions, coupled with a focus on the development of good character traits, ensures each boy understands the importance of being a gentleman. Values such as honesty, respect, responsibility and manners are learnt from an early age at Coogee Prep and much importance is placed on the display of them – in the classroom, on the sporting field and at cultural and social events. The School’s nurturing environment helps create a sense of belonging for the boys and builds confidence from a very young age. Primary boys further develop these skills through the Alpha Leadership Program, which helps prepare them for high school.


Coogee Prep has a tradition of being dedicated to learning the basics – starting in the early years of Infants and then extending the boys academically in the Primary years. Smaller class sizes mean teachers can focus on each boy’s individual needs. An integrated academic syllabus that includes drama, art and music, debating and chess ensures all boys receive a well-rounded education. The design and technology program for Primary students includes hands-on involvement in projects such as surfboard and billycart design and combines both the creative and practical arts in a boy-friendly environment.  The School's outdoor program incorporates a School camp as well as a variety of excursions that include outdoor and cultural experiences such as Sculpture by the Sea and visits to various museums and galleries.


Sport is an important component of a boy’s education and helps the boys develop physically and socially through teamwork and discipline. It is an integral part of life at Coogee Prep as it promotes a sense of wellbeing and encourages each boy to engage in positive, sportsmanlike behaviour.  Primary boys are involved in compulsory Saturday sport and have the choice of cricket, T-ball or softball in summer and rugby or soccer in winter.  Every two years Year Five and Six boys have the opportunity to attend the New Zealand Football Tour.  This is a wonderful experience where the boys play either rugby or soccer against selected New Zealand schools and represent the School and the Coogee Prep community on the international stage.


The School encourages open communication between parents and teachers, as establishing a strong and cooperative link between home and school is important and contributes to each student’s outlook and motivation.

The ‘Parents and Friends’ (P&F) body at Coogee Prep is very active and contributes greatly to the sense of community spirit within the School. Being a single stream school the opportunity exists for parents to get to know other families and to participate in their son’s journey through Coogee Prep. 

The School Song

Lads who surely know what sport is 
Boys who only know what thought is
Tiger, fox and steady tortoise
Coogees face the foe.

Some of us are clever 
Most of us endeavour
Not to yearn, the while we learn
For anything that work and us would sever.

Still what e'er the day may bring us
Patted back or trials that greet us
Here's the song we'll always sing as
Coogees face the foe.

Three cheers for the black, gold and blue
May our victories ever be new
But defeat only makes us shout the louder 
Three cheers for the black, gold and blue!