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Parent Handbook

The Coogee Prep Parent Handbook provides general information about the School and its day-to-day operations. It is a useful reference source, particularly for new parents and can be downloaded here.

Other documents and policies can be found on the left side menu.


The school roll is marked daily in the morning. If a boy is late or absent and no notification has been received or he has not signed in at the office, an automatic absentee response is sent to parents requesting an explanation. All boys who arrive late or depart early must visit the office and be signed in or out. All absentees must be accounted for by email or phone from the parent / guardian. The easiest way to do this is via email to

The School should be notified by email on the day a boy is absent and for each subsequent day he is away. Absentee notices can also be filled out via the Parent Portal and sent vi the Skoolbag APP. A Dr's certificate is requested after 3 days of absence.

All leave outside of School holidays must be requested in writing and approved by the Principal. Approved leave is still marked as an absent day.