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Fees 2016

Kindergarten to Year Six are charged the same tuition fees at Coogee Prep, however levies vary per class.

School Fees (inclusive of all levies and excursions) for 2016 are:

Kindergarten: $10,789.00

Year One $10,851.00

Year Two $11,070.00

Year Three $11,510.00

Year Four $11,613.00

Year Five $11,859.00

Year Six $12,059.00

Three invoices are issued for all fees and levies for the year.  This invoice contains the due dates for each payment (three in total).  Reminder emails are sent to parents in relation to when each payment is due. Payment by the due dates is required. Penalties for late payment will apply.

Discounts Available

An ‘Early Bird’ discount of $250 is available for full payment of all three invoices (total amount payable) for the year by March 10, 2015 (we will refund you $250 on receipt of the total payment).

A ‘Good Payer’ discount of $100 is available for payment of the first two invoices on time and the final invoice by May 31, 2015 (we will refund you $100 on receipt of the total payment).

Qualification for discounts is strictly for payment by the above dates.

Installment Reminders

Reminders will be sent out prior to the installment due dates via email. Please confirm any changes to your email address to Ana Raffler

Payment Methods

The bottom of each invoice will detail the payment methods available – these include credit card, EFT and Direct Debit.  If paying by cash we ask that this is done in person as mailed cash is strongly discouraged and provides you no confirmation of your payment.

Payment Terms and Penalties

Payment by the due dates is required to ensure the School pays its bills and operates effectively.  Failure to pay by the due dates will result in a penalty fee of $125.  In addition, a student may not be allowed to participate in School events should fees remain unpaid. Similarly, a student may be refused entry or their enrollment terminated if this continues.