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Enrolment Process

Coogee Boys' Preparatory School (Coogee Prep) is a single-stream school with one class per year and a maximum number of twenty five (25) boys per class. Given there are a limited number of positions in each class it is recommended parents contact the school as early as possible to apply for enrolment.  In some circumstances, so as to maximise opportunities for the students, the School reserves the right to have smaller class numbers.

    The processing of Applications for Enrolment and the offering of places is done in the following order: siblings, sons and relatives of Old Boys (preferential consideration), then the remaining places are offered by date of application (the earliest application first). Once you apply for a position a spot is reserved for you and we stay in contact with you with regards to that place.

    Boys will be accepted into the Kindergarten class if they have turned five, or will do so prior to June 1 in the year they are to start school and only if the School feels they are ready to start given the ages and abilities of the other boys in the class.  The Acceptance of students into other grades depends upon the availability of a position but these are filled as they arise - there is no official entry point.

    When you accept a position at Coogee Prep, you are giving your agreement to the School’s philosophy, ethos, discipline and behavioral policy, School rules and Fee payment schedule. When an offer of place is made (after an interview with the Headmaster), the Conditions of Entry document must be read and signed as part of the enrolment and registration process. 

    A non-refundable Application Fee of $150.00 per boy must accompany all applications. (This fee is waived when the applicant is a sibling of a boy currently enrolled in the School).

    Upon acceptance of a position at Coogee Prep, payment of a non-refundable Registration and Administration Fee is required for all Years K-6 of $750 per child.

    International Students - we do accept International students based on the type of VISA the family / child is on. We cannot however enrol students who are on parental student VISAS as we are not a CRICOS school.

    Special Needs

    Coogee Prep’s definition of ‘special needs’ applies to students who may have: learning difficulties, family problems, behavioural problems, problems associated with bullying, psychological and social difficulties, students who may have difficulties with the English language, students with specific religious or cultural observations, students with physical disabilities, health risks and students who require medication for various reasons.

    Coogee Prep acknowledges its responsibilities to provide quality outcomes for all students.  However, the School relies on parents/guardians to provide full disclosure of any special needs of an enrolling boy so it can accurately assess its capability to meet this student’s needs and to advise the parents/carers accordingly.

    The offer of a place to a student with special needs will be subject to the School being able to provide the necessary resources to adequately provide a quality outcome for the prospective student.  In the absence of any special needs disclosure by parents/guardians, the School will assume the student has no special needs about which is should be aware and any offer of enrolment will be made on this basis.

    The importance of full disclosure regarding any special needs is further highlighted in the ‘Conditions of Entry’ document that parents/guardians must sign when an offer of a place is made.  Parents/guardians are also advised to notify the School in writing of any special needs should they arise during their son’s enrollment at Coogee Prep.

    For further enquiries please contact the School Office on (02) 9398 6310 or email